Getting Lost Just for Fun

With a super computer in our pocket, it has becoming increasingly difficult to get lost. Therefore, you will need to set off on a voluntary mission to make it happen. Here is how to do it.

Why on earth would you want to get lost?

That’s a great question. I often find myself bored with the same routine and I in-turn do my best to shake things up. Being lost is an exciting way to to unplug from the normal ritual of daily life. It brings you back to the basics. Back to survival mode.

The Method

Even the greatest modern adventurers, like Bear Grylls, cover the safety basics. It is important to know that if something went wrong you would live to tell the tale. That is why I suggest you always travel with a partner and let someone know where you will be, at least in a general sense.

Now the fun part. Drive or walk somewhere you have never been. This can be in a city, rural landscape, or the wilderness. While exploring, it is best to turn your phone on airplane mode or all the way off. This will reduce your likelihood of checking the GPS at your first unsure turn. With enough land to explore you can keep yourself entertained for hours. Once you realize you no idea where you are, it’s time to find your way back out.

Explore until you are ready to give up, and then keep going. According to the Navy SEAL’s, when your mind says it’s time to give in you are in reality only at 40% of your limit. Grit through it and find your way out.

Keep in mind that if you are too lost to reasonably backtrack you can take out your phone and fire up the GPS. However, I would urge you instead to rely on a map and compass. First off, if you are far enough away from civilization that you don’t have service, your phone is worth little more than a rock. Second, using a map and compass is a valuable skill that has fallen by the way side in our society. Honing this ability could very well safe your life one day. Third, it will be much more rewarding when you get back to your car if you don’t rely on a GPS to get you there. Another great option is to get directions from someone you run into. In my experience most people are happy to help you find your way. All you need to do is ask.

As on any adventure, it is important to have the right equipment along for the ride. Here are the basics that I carry in addition to the ten essentials.

  1. Water filter
  2. Camera
  3. Hat
  4. Cell phone
  5. $20 cash

Armed with this information you are ready to explore, stay safe and enjoy!

Now go get lost!

-Michael Flora


7 thoughts on “Getting Lost Just for Fun

  1. You may not know this but I have been lost for a number of years. But, God willing, I am still able to get lost even in my own home! Keep the mikenhikes post my way!

    Love YOU & your soul!


    Liked by 1 person

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