Top 5 Free Adventures

Activities don’t need to be expensive to be exciting. Here are my favorite free (or very affordable) adventures!

  1. Hiking: This is my personal favorite. Google: “Nature Center near me” or “Hiking Trail near me” to find some great local spots to explore. I also use as app called All Trails that is a crowd sourced guide for local trails.
  2. Go dispersed camping in a National Forest: Did you know that you can camp nearly anywhere inside most National Forests, and that it’s usually free? As long as you follow some very basic rules (such as being far enough from roads and other campsites) you can camp without even reserving a site! Be sure to check out your specific National Forest’s rules before you head out.
  3. Walk-about in a local town: Renewing your sense of curiosity will allow you see even a very familiar place, in a whole new light. Go ahead and walk into that art studio, or check out that local park, and follow that sidewalk. Who know’s what kind of shenanigans you can get yourself into.
  4. Ride a bike: If you don’t own one, chances are a friend will happily loan you their wheels. It’s true what they say, you will instantly remember how to ride it and I bet you’ll love it. You can also find mountain bike trails on the All Trails app mentioned above, or by searching Google.
  5. Go wild swimming: Have you ever wanted to go swimming in that local lake, river, or stream? You should go for it! Some of the most fun I have had on trips, is when I find a place to jump in the water. It always seems to be nice and cold which is a great way to refresh yourself.

Please let me know if you have any other free adventure ideas, I’d love to check them out!

Keep Exploring,

-Michael J. Flora

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