Great Lakes Sailing

This past Saturday, I woke up ready for an adventure. I was heading to the west coast of Michigan to a city called Muskegon. This lakefront town is home to miles of beachfront, rolling dunes, and a handful of lighthouses. I was here to go sailing for my Great Lakes Sailing elective class, but I … Continue reading Great Lakes Sailing

How to Hike Away a Hangover

As a senior at Michigan State, I have had my share of hangovers. Here's my guide to beating your hangover in a non-traditional way. Get out of bed. This is an obvious first step but is often the hardest. You can do it! Water, water, water. Eat a pile of scrambled eggs. I loosely define … Continue reading How to Hike Away a Hangover

Meditation 101: Why and How

I have always been obsessed with self-improvement. At the request of my dad I compiled this information on meditation. I then decided to share it here in hopes that it encourages some of you to give meditation a try. To date, the daily practice of meditation has facilitated the greatest positive shift in attitude I have ever experienced. I believe it can help you as well.